Who is SVEA Talent?

personality focus

A new type of talent agency

SVEA Talent was established in the beginning of 2024 as an extension of the success behind Bounty Models. It's a natural step to take and the two founders decided to have a slightly different approach - focus on long term relationships and personality throughout the whole chain from actor/talent to client. So what does that actually mean? 

Every actor or talent is not only a recruitment because they are awesome at what they do...we want to find a great match that we know will give the best experience for out clients. We see everyone as part of our own team. Personal, professional and fun!

The name SVEA comes from the old denomination of Sweden - "Svea Rike" or "Mother Svea". And that's the feeling we want to create - the Svea Family. Not only employees but the whole team including the talents and clients. Even though the founders might not be as old as the name Svea, we want to take the Swedish business culture to the US.

SVEA is also a random acronym for Staffan Victor Entertainment Agency.
We love coincidences!


Head Agent

With over two decades of talent management experience, Mindy, a New York native, has deep industry roots. Beginning as a commercial casting assistant, she swiftly advanced to become a print producer at top advertising agencies. There, she meticulously booked talent and photographers for high-profile ad campaigns on Madison Avenue. Joining Ford Models as an agent, she excelled in booking models within the dynamic NY fashion scene. Relocating to Los Angeles seamlessly integrated her into the world of acting, enriching her expertise. Throughout her tenure at Ford, LA Models, and Mavrick Agency, Mindy showcased unwavering dedication and a keen eye for talent.

She loves working with actors & models as each  job is a unique adventure.  Witnessing a project evolve from its conceptual stages, whether it's a storyboard or script, to its final airing or printing is incredibly satisfying. As a talent agent, there’s a profound sense of pride in seeing actors showcase their craft, knowing that she  played a part in their journey. From discovering and nurturing talent to securing opportunities that allow them to shine, she finds fulfillment in contributing to their success.


Both founders originate from Sweden and has been taking on artist management in LA since 2019. It started with model management through Bounty Models (owned by Victor) and is now expanding to talent management - SVEA Talent is born!


Victor is a former professional model from a small town in Sweden. After a long and successful international career, Victor decided to start his own model agency, Bounty Models. The Swedish business sense combined with the American work ethics was the perfect recipe. Plans for an expansion started to form in 2023 and SVEA Talent was born in the beginning of 2024. 


Staffan is a "numbers guy" with a creative side (or at least he likes to think so). A square that actually fits in a round hole. 15+ years experience from consumer goods, finance and real estate is now channeled into the entertainment capital of the world. Born and raised in Sweden but studied and worked all over. Left finance (but not the numbers) behind to start a new adventure.